Andrew Lang – Arabian Nights critical

The Arabian Nights can be traced back a long time, and i think to not challenge the authenticity of Langs’ transaltion is unintelligble. i think he made up most of the stories and a few maybe tied to real Arabian nights that are from india persia arabia area, But for no one to check if he can speak a foreign language, and then credit him as translating the arabian nights is asinine. Look read The story if the two sisters who were jealous their young sister, in it lang translates the sultan to objectively own his wife and not love her, shes clearly a possesion and the happily ever after, is after lang translates the story to understanding it as first the sultan defiles his wife by throwing herin a box, and then frees her into his loving embrace, this form of miscalculation that scholars are people enslaved in this english language, i just dont think that –that is a story that originated in distant land, but to say that it did and paints them as evil, and its not the case the real evil is lang, and lang type people.


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