One character trait that stand out about me is my walk. I don’t drive, i rarely go out, when i do go out, i try and accumulate as much attention as possible, because i’m single and am looking for a mate. At 26, i know the camera shifting off of me and the media is very perveted because they want to get as young as possible and give the youth all the attention. I dont have alot of money, so i dress down to go shopping groceries, in the event that a celebration something major family reunion i look good and everybody that views me knows it. So growing up i always kept in my mind to keep my hands out of my pocket. Whenever i would post in an arena such has city walk or any mall you would never view me with my hands in my pocket this was a key tool, because there were times i would want to stand wit my hands in my pocket and i would not allow myself to do this Psychologically, and subconsciously this definetly helped my walk. I would walk rather militant with every strive i would try and have my opposite hand arm perpendicular with that strive, furthermore i would try and be as erect my back shoulder square and comfortable, a good walk almost seems like you working. To the point that i could view my walk 4rm a third person and see that it looked militant, recently I’ve been trying to add grace as well as finesse and better yet genuine balance while still being comfortable. The key to it is acknowledging that you are in public forum and that people can perceive you. If this is true bear in mind that every walk has a destination a to b. In this case clear your mind and show that you can successfully star as it for that arena just in your walk so when you reach point B. The next step is the crowning spectacle it’s how a woman can be married and look at you with such fascination and overall glee and make her feel 10 again in the amount of giddy that she witnesses. I would sell out my poses but it’ll at a price. When you know the public looks at you or the community as a model role model there’s a certain honor that is bestowed upon and your ego becomes lifted so high that a forum with 75 woman your already the chemistry connects you to the 5 or 7 that are clearly the eye candy of the environment. Its funny because for you to choose to give your attention to those 5 or 7 ladies and one of them has a boyfriend or married and they look at you, your esteem like don’t you know i’m a diamond and that is bronze, and at the end of the day out of them 5 or 7 you walk away with none or one you still was the it of that place and everybody knew it. So thank you have a great day  P.S. If it happens that the folk become fixated or almost staring then retreat, runaway to a previous post that you can collect youself as well as getting in the dark so you won’t shine that bright and the key to not being in conflict with someone that wants the leadership that comes in the way you carry yourself and walk is to not view. If we have at least the same goal to meet a lady and you or staring at me, wanting you to look at me so youy can say whassup its like no thank you. i’m just looking for a beautiful lady that evetually i can get up in her guts, but anyway you just don’t want people to think that you big heaed and confident and full of yourself, when you see it developing into that that’s when you fall back let somebody else work the crowd and then when they be thinking where is he step up show face im right here, now you want to do me or what rofl all right yall stay up


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